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Leaders on single account are with or without referral is empower on CIS weekly.

Customer must have a referrer with the FCDOT number, you must pay to the company’s account then call to receive your pin and products.
Note: you are not duly registered until you receive your FCDOT number.

When a customer registers, it will take two (2) weeks for incentive to be commenced.

A Leader is an existing customer who has registered and empowered Ten (10) customers having their FCDOT number.
A leader has 4 weeks time limit of becoming a beneficiary of the LIS.
Leaders who qualify can multiply his/her account from #1000 to #10,000 (ten in 1) Weekly.

  • Note that the TEN in 1 account will automatically be OVERIDDEN by the first account.
  • Note also that you need 25 leaders to qualify for another leadership slot.  

Terms and conditions apply.

Qualification of LIS is based on leadership level desired such as:

  • 10 in 1: The leader of 10 in 1 who decides to register 10 accounts. Multiple 10 personal accounts.
  • 5 in 1       Having decided to be on 5 in1, & 2 in 1, you will 
  • 2 in 1       not be upgraded except after a year.

Terms and conditions apply.

  • Leaders on single account are with or without referral.
  • If you don’t upgrade into leadership level within 4 weeks, you will not be allowed until after a year.
  •  For Leaders who fail to deliver 5 persons monthly, their account will not be renewed for subsequent incentives.
  • Failure on the part of 10 in 1 leader to refer 5 persons forfeits 2 weeks incentives.


RENEWAL: This must be done A WEEK before the expiration of account, otherwise incentive flow will be halted.      
How to be a customer…..

  • Have a referrer with the referrer number
  • Pay to the company’s account and call to get your pin after which you can come for your products.

N.B:  you are not a registered member until you have your i.d number (fcdot)

Customer incentive support (CIS)
Your incentive keeps coming in with or without a referrer
When a customer is registered, (2) weeks maximum for payment to be effected depending on which day the registration is done.

N.B: The Company will hence forth not be liable to any wrong information given.

This applies at the point of registration and repurchase after each quarter of the annual plan.
Leadership: Every customer who aspires to climb to this cadre must empower Ten (10) people in (1) one month.
Leadership responsibility: as a leader, it is expected that he/she refers minimum of five(5) people monthly. Also, quarterly repurchase of products worth #100k

Global share: The determining factor or this share to leaders is based on how many of your leaders are active. At least five out of ten must be active.


Leaders who qualify can multiply his/her account from 1000 to 10,000. (Ten in 1)

  • Note that it will automatically override the previous accounts.
  • Note also that you need 25 leaders to qualify for another leadership slot.
  • At the point of leadership the type of account you want to run.
  •  NOTICE!!!

A leader is a person who has ten (10) different people directly under him within a space of Ten (10) working days (2 weeks)  
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